At JANBY we are aware that each business attends to different problems and this is why the solutions we offer are adaptable to different needs and scenarios. We offer startegic accompaniment before, during and after the acquisition of our solutions.

We offer strategic accompainment to adapt our solutions to your needs, to integrate in your business and give answer to new challenges.

We are in constant development of new modules as a consequence of the requirements and learnings we get from our clients. We also carry out integrations to our JANBY Cloud with the most demanding systems in our clients organizations.

Want to know more about what JANBY can offer to your business?

We provide solutions both for independent restaurants and franchises with more than one location. Choose the one that best suits your kitchen

JANBY Digital Kitchen Services


Adapted to the needs of your business, developing new modules and knowledge


Training related to both Sous -Vide recipes and other culinary processes

Menu building

Support for developing new menus and culinary innovation for your business


Wide customer support network for software and equipment repair in different countries