Training is key to get out the most from our system. Specially when the objective is to digitalize the processes for a better management, control and efficiency of your facility. To this end JANBY assist you before, during and after the aquisition of our solutions.


We give full training while using our solutions as well as at the moment of designing new culinary processes.

Equipment training

In spite of being a software centric company, we offer complete solutions in which the hardware equipment plays an important role. To enhance the correct use, we offer an online training and technical support.

Software training

We have a software development team focused on constantly improving the user experience. With this focus they develop modules that give answer to real needs of our clients. We provide online training that enables to take full advantage of this innovations.

Sous-Vide tarining

JANBY Digital Kitchen has a wide and expert knowledge in the Sous-Vide field. To this end, we can assist you in the definition of the processes by keeping the gastronomic view.

JANBY Digital Kitchen Services


Adapted to the needs of your business, developing new modules and knowledge


Training related to both Sous -Vide recipes and other culinary processes

Menu building

Support for developing new menus and culinary innovation for your business


Wide customer support network for software and equipment repair in different countries