The future of kitchens

Most of the innovations in the different sectors have been lead by a software, in JANBY we firmly belive that the future of the kitchen will come form the digitalization of the processes.

Continuous innovation

Innovation is key at JANBY, to this end we are constantly investing in the development of our software. We understand that innovation should anticipate and give answer to clients needs in order to improve and control their operations, keeping design always in mind. We are in direct contact with the end user and their feedback is always taken into account in the I+D process.

This efforts are translated in the different JANBY solutions and in the industrial design and software patents.

Warning competence

The novelty, originallity and inventiveness of the JANBY system is protected through different industrial and intelectual property documents- The process, methodology and the different software modules are officially registered. This system can only be used under an authorised JANBY DIGITAL KITCHEN license.