Menu building

Menu building

The digitalization of the culinary processes not only benefits the quality of the product, but it also allows to standardize and automate the elaboration of menus.

Culinary process

In JANBY, as a culinary intelligence center, we offer advise in the menu standardization process aiming to qualify chefs and operators.

JANBY Digital Kitchen, is a culinary innovation centered business with the expert knowledge acquired throughout the years. This is why we are able to advise and assist in the controlled process definition, always keeping the essence of the restaurant. We add value to the following areas:

Menu Design

Culinary and equipment (software and hardware) advice, as well as Sous-Vide knowledge.

Recipe Design

Knowledge transmission and standardization of the elaborations together with the indications for its aplication.

Seasonal planning

Sophistication of the catalogue offered to the public based on the seasonal food.

Serial deployment

Controlled menu and recipe expansion thanks to JANBY Track.

Recipe training

Trainings and certifications to optimize and get out the most of the processes.


Events, talks, conferences, webinars and networking sessions.

JANBY Digital Kitchen Services


Adapted to the needs of your business, developing new modules and knowledge


Training related to both Sous -Vide recipes and other culinary processes

Menu building

Support for developing new menus and culinary innovation for your business


Wide customer support network for software and equipment repair in different countries