In JANBY we have a big support team for the maintenance of both software and hardware in several countries. With each of our devices we take full compormise to offer an excellent support and client service.

Software updates

Recurring software and firmware updates on our devices.

Remote maintenance

Remote access to our devices for assistance and problem solving.

Cloud updates

Constant innovation and updates on the JANBY Cloud functionalities.

Hardware maintenance

Detection and correction of flaws and errors found in the equipment.

Corrective maintenance

Indication of procedures, advantages and possible risks derivated from the equipment or system.

Preventive maintenance

Equipment and installation maintenance through a review that guarantees the correct functioning and reliability.

Training and follow up

Continued service and mentoring.

JANBY Digital Kitchen Services


Adapted to the needs of your business, developing new modules and knowledge


Training related to both Sous -Vide recipes and other culinary processes

Menu building

Support for developing new menus and culinary innovation for your business


Wide customer support network for software and equipment repair in different countries