$100.00 / month with a 3-month free trial and a $300.00 sign-up fee

Subscription to the JANBY Track in all of its variables.

Configure your license, payment method and stand options to place the device in your kitchen.


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Our intelligent kitchen system with which you can connect to up to 3 SmartVides for an automated Sous-vide cooking. Keep continuous control of all the bags that share the water tank as well as their different cooking or regeneration times and store the history of each of the elaborations.

All JANBY TRACK licenses include:

  • JANBY Box tablet+ stand
  • 8 JANBY Tags (number 10)
  • Individualized portion control using the JANBY Tags
  • Connection to up to 3 SAMMIC SmartVides
  • Time and temperature control to achieve pasteurization.
  • Daily fixed Hot Hold value
  • History of up to 3 months on the tablet

PRO licenses add:

  • All previously mentioned
  • Smart tag reader with QR.
  • Centralized equipment and configurations in the JANBY Cloud.
  • History of up to 6 months in Cloud.
  • Variable Hot Hold for days and hours.

UNLIMITED licenses add:

  • Everything included in the PRO license.
  • Smart label reader and printing with QR.
  • Unlimited history in Cloud.

READY-TO-EAT licenses add:

  • Everything included in the UNLIMITED license.
  • Use your QR labels in othe rorganization
  • Scanning of up to 15,000 labels per month.
  • For producers who scan more than 1500 labels per month, an extra 0.005€ /per additional label scanned will be charged.


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